There are 2 parts to the scholarship submission.  BOTH parts must be submitted by 12PM, Sunday, March 5, 2017.   Part I is the online application and essay which can be submitted below.  Part II consists of proof of college acceptance, official academic transcript, and 2 completed reference forms.  Part II must be placed in the Scholarship Box located at The Bridge front desk. Please carefully review the Complete Application Instructions  and Scholarship Orientation powerpoint for specific details.

  1. A.       Download Complete Application Instructions here

  2. B.       Download Scholarship Orientation powerpoint here


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Date New Members Classes/Online Course Completed
Please indicate the scholarship you are applying for. CHECK ONLY ONE. See eligibility criteria for each scholarship in the Complete Application Instructions.
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List any distinctive honors or awards you have received while in high school and the year received.
List any leadership positions you have held while in High School, the organization in which you held the position and the year(s).
List any extracurricular activities in which you have participated for at least 1 year while in high school. You may include activities listed in the leadership section.
Briefly state in 1-2 sentences your future career goals.
Please follow these instructions carefully. Save the Scholarship Essay Form (pdf file) above to your computer. Edit and save your essay in this form. When you are satisfied with your essay, COPY the text from the form and PASTE it in the essay field below. DO NOT COPY/PASTE FROM MICROSOFT WORD. Essays must be a minimum of 500 words, max 700 words. The title is not included in the word limit.
Certification Statement
I do hereby certify that: • I am a graduating high school senior entering college for the upcoming 2016 Fall Semester. • I am an official member or will be an official member of FCCC by April 14, 2016. (Note: Scholarships cannot be awarded to unofficial members of FCCC). • All information contained in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and honest, and correctly states my academic achievements and extracurricular activities. I also certify that the essay submitted with this application was written by me and is 100% reflective of my own thoughts and personal experiences. • I understand and acknowledge that the FCCC Scholarship Committee has the right to evaluate the validity and source of any and all information submitted in both Part I and Part II of this scholarship application in order to maintain the integrity of the scholarship process.
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