There's Something In The Atmosphere...

We aim to create a dynamic atmosphere that caters to teens, whether through the music we play, worship songs we sing, artistic expression, or through delivering the word of God. This atmosphere let's teens know that being a teen is a GOOD thing and that God loves them.

Get Involved

Faith Chapel Students is a place where teens can serve in the ministry as greeters, ushers, teachers, through song and music or even outreach. Some areas need technical teens. Some areas need personable teens. Some areas need leading teens. No matter what the interests, we have opportunities for teens to Just Be all that God wants them to be.

Next Phaze

High school seniors, Next Phaze helps you move through your transition from teen to young adult by providing connection points for your next phase in life and to our adult services. Meet up with us every 3rd Sunday (monthly) after service 12:30pm-2pm from October through May. If you've got questions, then we've got answers... Get prepared for your NEXT PHAZE!

3rd Sundays + (October thru May) = Next Phaze

We Are Here To Help

Our adult workers are caring and have a passion for teaching, training and mentoring you in order to live for God and serve God's people NOW, not later.