Meet the Nimm Family - TaMarcus, Natasha, Junior, and Phoebe. Looking at them on the outside, you see a beautiful and loving Christian Family.
TaMarcus is a local police officer who, through his consistent dedication and bravery has earned the respect of his community and church. 
Natasha is a highly successful trial lawyer who has argued with the best of them.
Their son ten year old TaMarcus Jr. is a star student and loves to play basketball and video games with his friends. Seven year old Phoebe is obsessed with her dolls and the latest mobile app games.
On the surface, the Nimms are the picture of perfection. However, behind the scenes this family suffers with serious anger issues, stemming from years of personal hurt and confusion. Let’s observe how and where their anger surfaces as we explore the Adventures of the Angry Nimms.


Special Thanks: All artwork featured within this shell was created by Aaron Stewart. Mr. Stewart is a 2nd year Art student at Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama.