Are you angry? Do you hold bitterness toward others? In his newest spiritual installation, "Bitterness: The Poison You Drink", Dr. Mike Moore presents the feeling of Bitterness as a living, growing organism that eventually proves to be seriously dangerous to the believer. Dr. Moore illustrates the various phases of bitterness starting with hurt, unresolved anger, unforgiveness, and the roots of bitterness and how these feelings and behaviors eventually lead to physical and emotional side effects. Series Topics include:

  • Are You Angry?

  • Dying!!! But Don't Know It

  • Major Causes of Bitterness

  • The Seed of Bitterness

  • Getting Rid of Bitterness


"Bitterness: The Poison You Drink" serves as the introductory series of a multi series unit that Dr. Moore will be presenting this fall on Love. Dr. Moore believes that the next move of God will be in the area of character. We invite you to use these upcoming series to assess and expand the way you treat those around you. 


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