Spring 2017 Compass Begins February 28th or March 4th. 

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Compass 101 - Foundation of Christianity. 


Now you are a Christian. Do you know what you actually believe and why? Are you able to confidently share your faith with others? Compass 101 is designed to provide the New Believer or anyone who needs a refresher with foundational truths about Christ, as well as the core beliefs of Christianity. Course topics include: 


·            Repentance from Dead Works


·    Faith Towards God


·            Laying On of Hands


·           Eternal Judgement



Wondering what Compass Course, you should take? Refer to our helpful guide below.

Is this your first time taking Compass? If yes, Please register for Compass 101.

Have you completed Compass 101, 102, or both Compass 101 and 102? Then please register for Compass 201. 

Have you completed Compass 101, 102, and 201 (3 Compass Courses in all)? Please register for Compass 202.