There is NOT one specific date scheduled for you to check into your assigned mansion in Heaven. God's Designed time frame for you to arrive in heaven is whenever you are satisfied...After the age of 80....without sickness, disease, accidents, war, natural disasters or other catastrophes. 

Join Dr. Mike Moore during the month of October as he explores God's plan for your lifespan. Series topics include: 


October 4: God's Will Is A Long, Healthy, Strong, and Productive Life


October 11: Three Myths About Death


October 18: Don't Blame God For Premature Death 


October 25: Some of the Reasons Christians Die Prematurely 


Immediately after 2nd Service on October 25, Dr. Mike Moore will answer your questions regarding "Death" and the "Early Arrivals" series. Click here to learn more about the intimate conversation. 

Series Commercial