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How have you made “Faith Work” by applying God’s Word to your everyday life situations? To celebrate the upcoming Faith Works Conference featuring Dr. Bill Winston, Faith Chapel is currently looking for people who have made Faith Work within their own lives in an amazing yet practical way. Whether you were healed from an aggressive disease, overcame unemployment, or reconciled a troubled marriage, we want to hear your story.  The Faith Work Stories will be featured in an upcoming social media campaign produced by Faith Chapel. 

WHAT DO WE NEED FROM YOU: Complete the form below to submit your story.  Your story submission does not have to include all the details, just high level occurrences (i.e. – I was sick with cancer and healed by prayer and standing on Exodus 23:25) If selected, you will be contacted by a member of the Faith Chapel Marketing team who will capture in-depth details regarding your story. Finally, we will arrange an appointment to take your picture to feature in the Social Media testimony post either before or after Sunday morning service or Midweek bible study.


The selected stories will be featured on the Faith Chapel Facebook and Instagram pages during the week of the Faith Works Conference (May 8-12). We can’t wait to hear how you made faith work in your life.

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Enter a high level version of your story/testimony about making Faith Works. The Faith Chapel Marketing department will contact you to get a more detailed version of your story. Your submission is not a guarantee that you will be featured in the Faith Works Stories Social Media Campaign.