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In the entire month of August, Dr. Mike Moore along with our Faith Chapel Student and Children's Ministry directors,  Alondio Hill & Karen Malone, will share information with you that will empower you as a family unit. 


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Father God, I declare that I am a good steward and that I glorify You in my role as a parent. I model the life of a godly parent before my children. I model love, character and integrity at all times. I am faithful to pray for my children and with the help of the Holy Spirit, I always do my best to mentor and instruct them in the truth and principles of God’s Word. I am sensitive to their needs. I am loving to them. Gentleness is in my touch. Kindness is on my tongue and mercy and compassion is in my hearing. 

I don’t criticize, complain or talk negatively to or about my children. I speak only good things over them, those things that will edify and build them up. I let no corrupt communication proceed from my mouth. I never laugh at their mistakes or resort to shame and ridicule as punishment. I see and celebrate the good things they do. My mouth is filled with sound instruction and encouragement. I am disciplined and remain sober during times of stress and do no become frustrated or lose my temper. 

If I do something that is wrong or offensive, I ask for forgiveness and I am quick to make it right. When faced with the need to discipline my children, I will do so without anger. 

I will reference God’s Word as their standard of conduct. I never rob my children of the opportunity to be themselves. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I understand my children, listen to them, set boundaries for them yet encourage them to explore. I see the gifts that you have placed in them and I nurture those gifts! I foster an environment of learning.Thank You for the gift of my children. In Jesus Name. Amen!


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