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Materials Needed:

·         Poster Board

·         Glue Sticks

·         Magazines

·         Scissors to cut pictures; if working with small children you can tear the pictures instead of using scissors to cut them.


1.    As a family set aside time to discuss and get clear about your goals/what you want.

·         What is your vision for your family (spiritual, social, intellectual & emotional, physical)
·         What do you want to happen and see accomplished?

2.    Collect

·      Now that your vision is clear flip through magazines and find pictures or words that inspire you and represent your vision and what you want to happen in
     your lives.
·        Make a pile of images, phrases and words you may want to include.

·         For example:

§  If you want to expose your children to new experiences you may want to find a picture that represents traveling to a place you’ve never been.
§  If your child knows what career they want to pursue, (e.g. if s/he wants to be an astronaut) find pictures representing that.
§  If you want to attend college, pictures of the campus of the college you want to attend.
§  If you and/or your children have a favorite sports, pictures of that
§  Pictures of what your children are naturally gifted and talented in

 ·         Be creative and have fun with this process


3.    Sort/Share & Agree

·         Now that you have collected your pictures, share your pictures with each other. Sort through them and select those that really speak to you; those that
      best represent your goals and what you really want to see happen in and for your family.


4.    Glue

·         Secure the family visions by gluing them to your poster board.
·         Paste a picture of your family in the center of your vision board.
·         Don’t have a family picture? No problem! Now’s a great time to take one! You could:

o   Use your smartphone or other device to snap and quick picture
o   Use the USB cable to upload to your computer and print it or upload it to your favorite photo kiosk (Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc.) and print


5.    Display

·         Display the board somewhere your entire family can see it.
·         You may take a picture of it and carry it on your phone.
·         Talk about it often, reminding each other of the importance of vision and going after what you’ve envisioned for your lives and your family as a whole.

6.    Act

·         Take steps to making your family’s vision a reality.  
·         The Faith Chapel Bookstore as well as the Bridge are two places you can find great resources to help make your family’s vision a reality!