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“Good News to the Poor” is the first installment of a 4 part spiritual unit presented by Dr. Mike Moore on Prosperity and Giving. 

Good News to the Poor will allow YOU, as a Christian, to receive “Good News from the Kingdom of God” as it relates to your financial, material, and economic status.  The Gospel or “Good News” of Jesus Christ contains burden removing and yoke destroying power for those believers who are still living in poverty or without total financial  fulfillment. Through biblical analysis, Dr. Moore will prove, under no circumstance does God want us to live a lifestyle of poverty or lack.

Sermon Titles:


January 3 - You Don't Have To Poor Anymore. 


January 10 - Poverty Is Not God's Will.


January 17 - You Can Resist Poverty.


January 24 - Ten Ways to Overcome Poverty.


January 31 - You Are Redeemed from Poverty.


Jesus and Poverty

As a companion to Sunday Series “Good News to the Poor,” Dr. Mike Moore will present a 4 part Wednesday bible study series entitled “Jesus and Poverty.”This series will further expose the anointing of Jesus and His interaction and ultimate opinion of poverty and lack in the earth. 

Wednesday Bible Study Times and Locations



Location: Faith Chapel Christian Center - Word Dome - 100 Mike Moore Blvd; Birmingham, AL 35224

Times: 12 p.m. (Noon) and 7 p.m. 



Time: 7 p.m.