In Fall 2014, our Senior Pastor, Dr. Mike Moore, received a divine mandate to join and assist community partners to eradicate homelessness in the City of Birmingham.


After receiving this mandate, Faith Chapel began several strategic and economic initiatives that holistically address the current state of homelessness within the City of Birmingham.

Faith Chapel Care Center

Faith Chapel Care Center is a vibrant, multipurpose facility located in Downtown Birmingham (Alabama). The center serves as a hub for the local homeless community by providing weekly ministry and services to individuals currently experiencing homelessness. 

Faith Chapel Care Center is located at: 921 2nd Avenue N. Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Pike Road House

The Pike Road House Project is a testament of God’s faithfulness to His Homeless mandate to Faith Chapel. In 2014 Faith Chapel acquired a property on Pike Road in Birmingham’s Ensley Neighborhood to serve as a temporary place of refuge for a deserving homeless family living within our community.