Do you find yourself trying to pray, and it seems like your prayers are not going through to God?


Does it seem that your prayers are going unanswered?


The Bible says if you have strife in your life, it can hinder your prayers and keep them from going through to God.  We don’t want that!

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STRIFE: {def} selfish ambition that leads to contention

Below are the ways strife can show up in your life. Here’s how you can recognize it when it’s happening and nip it in the bud. 

Level 1 Obvious Bickering, arguing, fussing, heated disagreements, fighting (verbal, physical, psychological)
Level 2 Obvious Clinging to personal opinions to the detriment of the group
Level 3 Not So Obvious Competition, self-promoting egos, battling for preeminence and control, trying to outdo others
Level 4 Subtle Angry undercurrent, hidden resentment, silence or refusal to speak to or have anything to do with another person or effort; withdrawal without explanation