What R.I.S.E. looks like in action!

This is an example of a vision partner feeling empowered to do whatever was needed to meet the need of those attending a church wide event:

During the Bridge Open House event traffic around the front of the building quickly became congested and there were no volunteers assigned to help with parking.  But, a volunteer from another ministry saw that the people coming in and out of the parking lot needed help. This gentleman gladly stayed outside, enduring the extreme heat, and directed traffic.  The entire time all he asked for was a parking vest and a bottle of water!

This is an example of a vision partner taking the risk to create a new way of meeting the needs of the children.  Because of her quick response, a new process was created in her ministry:

On this particular Sunday morning several classrooms in Faith Chapel Kids were full to capacity causing the vision partners to turn away children.  Concerned about the children that would be sitting in the adult service with their parents, one vision partner thought it would be great if the children could walk away with a goodie bag.  She quickly created some bags for the children that were disappointed they could not stay in Faith Chapel Kids.

As a leader, you will want to provide a gift card for the exceptional service within 5 days then complete the form below.  Completion of this form allows us to see where our R.I.S.E. successes are taking place within the organization. If a picture is taken and sent to irise@faithchapel.net  and we will make every effort to use it in communications.   If you can’t take the picture, we still want to hear the story. Now tell us the R.I.S.E. story!

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