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Dallas, TX - My husband and I bought a meal for a homeless man.

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Kayshia Featherstone (08.13.2014 @ 08:45:31)
A lady came into Alabama Power to pay her bill, she was admiring my scarf so I took it off and gave it to her! When I got home there was and unexpected check in the mail for almost 200.00! U can't beat God's giving!

Earl(Ted) & Julia Allen Smith (03.20.2012 @ 14:24:50)
We are Bless and there fore we shares our blessing in our church, we share our blessing with the Haven Of Rest, home for the homeless here in Akron, Ohio, we shares blankets and food for the children as well, and we title very gracefully to out church. God has put a great blessing on my family, it is good to see the look and expression on their face that they do thank you for what you have done for them. Everytime we hear of a person in need we try to be there. Up here in Akron and Cleveland, when we help a person in need we call it (passing it foward) it;s a wonderful program. We enjoy passing it foward, God Bless you Pastor Micheal Moore. Ted and Family from Akron, Ohio

Shirley Humphrey (11.28.2011 @ 14:54:02)
Someone sowed $1000.00 into me, but I understood from God that the money didn't belong to me so I paid 2 peoples rent and 1 persons utility bill.

Andre' Allen (10.30.2011 @ 11:22:41)
I sowed the money into koemen for cancer.In concern for my mom an others.She's is well.

Evang. Roberts (10.27.2011 @ 22:35:04)
Brooklyn,NY- Praise the Lord Pastor Moore. I have watched your program in my area until it went off, but all felt and knew that you were a true man of God teaching the word of God to his people. I had been meaning to sow a seed to your ministry for sometime now. It had been a while since I last sowed a seed and your ministry always seeds a wonderful teaching tape to me a few times a year. I received a letter from you of encouragement but didn't get a chance to read it. I took it to work along with the tape and listened to the tape but had not read the letter. I felt lead of the Lord today to send your ministry a $10.00 seed offering. Also later in the day, me and my husband had discussed sowing a seed to help feed the needy for Thanksgiving in which I wrote a check for. When I arrived home tonight, I read the letter and thought how amazing is our God. Your letter spoke about the $10.00 that was given to every member to give to someone else. i thank God for being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family and ministry.

Marquelon (10.25.2011 @ 11:56:51)
I know I'm late but I think I'm remembering everything correctly. I was at the post office downtown and a homeless man(or at least I presumed he was) asked me for some money to get something to eat. I didn't have any cash on me but then I remembered the $10 in the envelope which I opened and gave to him along with the Just Be Generous card. He seemed really interested in going to Faith Chapel and I told him to call the # on the card to ask about getting a ride on the church van.

Nikki C (10.22.2011 @ 10:15:48)
B'ham, AL- I shared my money with a co-worker that found out recently about an illness. She was so excited that it brought tears to her eyes.

Michelle Black (10.14.2011 @ 14:46:13)
B'ham - I am not a FC memeber. My friend Sharon Carter is. We both are single parents. My son plays football at the Air Force Academy PS in Colorado. I am going to his last home game next month. Sharon asked if my daughter was going. I told her I didn't think so because funds were tight. Sharon told me about the series at her church. She added to the $10.00 and paid for a flight for my daughter. My son will be very happy to see his sister there. We received a "Just Be Generous" blessing and I will pass it on. Thank you Faith Chapel

Aundra J (10.13.2011 @ 15:13:24)
Gave a gift of $30 to a person who had a mental meltdown

RB (10.13.2011 @ 14:25:25)
Bham, AL I sowed into my daughter and a couple of days later received a "refund" check from my doctor's office. You can't beat God giving!!

Carol (10.13.2011 @ 08:17:49)
A note from a Just Be Generous Recipient: On behalf of myself and my fifth grade class at Advent Episcopal School we would like to let you and your church know how much your donation to our new children's Atlas has meant to our classroom. We have used the CD that goes with the Atlas many times during the week. As I told you, without your donation I would not have been able to purchase this Atlas at our recent school Book Fair. Many thanks and blessing to you and your church ministry. In Christ, Cindy T

Evelyn (10.11.2011 @ 15:05:10)
I started asking God a couple of weeks before the church gave out the" Just Be" envelopes to show me someone to be generous towards. I was very nervous about praying that prayer because I was afraid that God was going to ask me to do something that I didn't think I could do. I had always heard that you should be careful what you ask God for. For a couple of weeks I had been hearing to give this lady I know a hundred dollars. Somewhere inside of me I think I knew it was God, but I talked myself out of it and started to rebuke the devil. I said the devil is a liar. I knew it was God because I just kept hearing it over and over to give this lady the money and I knew the devil would not be telling me to be a blessing. I truly felt that I could not afford to give it at that time. All of my bills were paid and everything was current but that was all I had until I got paid again. On the Sunday we received the just be envelope with the ten dollars, I felt in my spirit immediately that this lady was the one I was supposed to give the money to. I surrendered to God and the very next day. I put my one hundred dollars, the just be card and the ten dollars from the church in an envelope. I took it to her house and put it in her mail box. She called me later after she had gone to the mailbox. She was crying and said that she had been praying to God for the money to get her medicine. She is a widow on a fixed income and does not get enough to take care of all of her monthly expenses. The $110.00 was enough for her to get the medicine that she really needed and one that she had planned on doing without until next month. After we finished talking about the goodness of God, she asked me to explain to her the "Just Be" card. I got the chance to share with her how God has called us to just be worship, the Word made flesh in us and to be a witness. That really ministered to her and she said that she was going to visit our church because she is not happy at her church.She is looking for her set place and where she will be taught the uncolpromised Word of God. I told her that she would definitely be taught the Word and that she should pray to see if Pastor Mike is supposed to be her pastor. I struggled so much over giving the $100.00 dollars as if God was not able to take care of me and my needs because I did not see it. On the very next day (Tuesday) I got a check for $200.00 from a business that I don't anything about for an over payment. On Friday, I got another check for $37.00 for a bill that they said I had paid twice, which I am not sure of. I learned from this experience that I was being governed by the fear that God would not take care of me and that I was trusting in myself and not on God. I also learned that whatever God tells me to do, I need to do it without procrastinating because you never know what the need is. My main goal now is to trust God with everything and to show God that He can trust me with His money. I would also like to thank Pastor Mike for his teaching and for the generosity of the church. I think that $10.00 offering was the final push I needed to get me to do what I already knew I was supposed to do. I am so thankful that I have found my set place and that I am a part of the Faith Chapel family.

Kisha M. (10.09.2011 @ 21:00:12)
Birmingham,Al I gave my $10 to a co-worker at work. I explained the card to her and what we were doing. She gave my a big hug and then started telling me why God led me to her. I prayed and asked God what else did I need to do for her and her kids. God led me to sow into her and her family for the rest of that week. She and her husband and kids were very thankful. Thank you Pastor Mike and Mz. Pete for being so Awesome!!!

Miller Family (10.08.2011 @ 11:27:28)
Me my husband and my son put our gift together and gave it to grandmother that is raising 2 of her children; she was so thankful when she receive the money it brought her to tears.

Harp (10.08.2011 @ 07:18:58)
I added to my seed and purchased and overnighted the book Prayers & Promises for Supernatural Childbith to a couple believing God for a child.

Regina D. (10.08.2011 @ 00:27:44)
I was visiting at another church for a friends ordination service, there was lady there whose son asked what they were going to eat. I could see she was embarassed and whispered " I told you we would talk about that later. The Holy Spirit spoke to me there is where you sew that seed. Her face Lit up when I gave to her even though she didn't know what it was. Later I was told that she didn't know what she was going to do for gas or food and that within an hour the Lord had provided money for the need three more times.

J. M. Holman (10.07.2011 @ 17:38:15)
I was led to be generous to my spouse who truly needed a financial blessing beyond ten dollars to pay a bill. As a result of sharing the message given by Pastor Mike, the card and money, my spouse was given an opportunity to be generous to a friend, which he couldn't do before because he was concerned about his own need.

Menyorn B (10.07.2011 @ 15:05:52)
Birmingham, Alabama- I sowed the churches' $10 plus some of my own money into a young lady who after prayer I believe the Lord wanted to bless. After deciding who to bless I found out that God told her to leave her job and he would send the resources and supply her needs. Our gift of generousity was a blessing to her! She was so excited about how God is performing His promises!

Adriane S. (10.07.2011 @ 06:49:36)
Pleasant GROVE, AL--I added $40 to my envelope and shared it wth a friend who lost his job this summer to cover a bill.

DeSherri Carlisle (10.05.2011 @ 14:20:58)
I purchased a wig for a woman in need - she had just lost her job and was traveling to the funeral of a relative and wanted to look good for the services.

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