• Speak. Write. JOURNAL

Writing (along with speaking) your Faith has the power to help you discover the power of God at work in your life. When you express yourself through thoughts, words, and feelings by journaling, you are able to practically chronicle your faith journey and process. With personal and consistent commitment and discipline, God can use your journal as a transformation tool in the way that you live your life and increase your Faith.

During the months of July and August, Faith Chapel Christian Center will participate in a church-wide journal writing exercise. This exercise will include Journaling “How To’s” during Sunday Morning Services, Weekly Journaling Prompts (available in the Worship Guide and Online), and the establishment of Journal Group on Facebook,  so that you can connect to other fellow journal writers.  Our desire for this corporate exercise is to build a foundation of journaling within our congregation. We believe that this foundation will serve as a seed for all of us living a Journaling lifestyle.

What do I need to Participate?


1.       Journal (available for sale in the church bookstore).

2. Weekly Journaling Prompt

3.      Pen

4.       10-15 minutes of your time (per week)

5.       A desire to grow spiritually.

That’s it. We look forward to traveling down the path of spiritual growth, with you, through Journaling. 

Click here to download your Weekly Journal Prompt.