Parents, you are the most influential people in a child's life. Our goal is to support you in your child’s spiritual growth and development. By using emails, text messaging, web links and downloadable information, we strive to partner with you and to communicate with you in the most efficient and effective way.  


Welcome First Time Guests
We welcome First Time Guests to worship with us.  Here are a few simple steps to help you during your first visit: 

1. PARK AT THE BRIDGE for most convenient access to sign-in your children.

2. WALK YOUR CHILDREN INTO THE FRONT LOBBY and sign-in or complete First-Time Guest information at the front desk. Please keep the parent sign-in tag for pick-up.

3. WALK WITH YOUR CHILDREN to their classroom area, give them a BIG HUG, and enjoy the service.

4. BRING YOUR SIGN-IN TAG at the end of service to check your child out. 

NOTE: You must present a picture I.D. if you do not have the sign-in tag.

Parents, if your information has changed recently, you can keep it updated using the Fellowship One form, linked below, or register - thank you.