Comfort Care for Kids (K5-5th Grade) Support Group


Register for Comfort Care for Kids Now - December 2nd

This 6-week support group will meet before service at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays at the Bridge (across from the Word Dome) in Aerobics Room B (on the far side of the gym), and is designed to assist K5-5th Graders to successfully process challenging life events such as:

  • bereavement

  • divorce and/or separation

  • relocation

  • foster care transitions

  • low self-esteem

Comfort Care for Kids Support Group Registration

Please complete the interest form below for EACH child who will participate.

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Briefly tell us why you would like for your child to participate in our Comfort Care for Kids Support Group, and any additional information that might be helpful for our leaders as they prepare to minister to him/her.