LORD, I remember someone telling me that a LEADER must first be a FOLLOWER -- someone who knows how to follow YOU. This hasn’t always been easy-- but it has certainly proven to be true.

JESUS, YOU are my LEADER -- entrusted with authority over all other LEADERS. As I unwrapped that idea, I have found some astonishing truths that have kept me strong and allowed me to persevere in spite of challenges. LEADERSHIP and FOLLOWSHIP are cornerstones to TEAMWORK, and both equally important. I pray this day for a deeper, more effective understanding for YOUR church about true LEADERSHIP -- based on our relationship with YOU.

LEADING by the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT and the truth found in YOUR WORD. YOU remind me YOU are attempting to grow our VISION in these days -- and that means we are going to need YOUR wisdom, perseverance and strength to accomplish it. It is going to take a spiritual fortitude if we are going to be able to move ahead as YOU have designed. We confess that we have LEADERS who do not just dream -- but are enabled by YOU to support Faith Chapel and the leadership. I also pray this today asking YOU to raise up detail oriented people to help our VISIONARIES implement YOUR plans.

I know CHRISTIANS are to be the most creative people on earth and our church LEADERS are surrounded by these "excellence seeking people" working hand in hand to accomplish the goals of during YOUR WORK. AMEN.