At Faith Chapel, we consider Life Groups the DNA of our ministry. Leading the helm of our DNA is the passionate and dedicated Life Group Host. Life Group Host not only serve as connection points between their group and Faith Chapel, they also serve as influencer to the people within their group. Many life- long friendships and relationships have been formed through the bond built between Life Group host and members.


Share your passions, gifts, and interest with other like-minded believers by becoming a Life Group Host. You do not have to be an expert teacher or minister to serve as a host. We just require that you love people and are willing to share your passion.


Interested in becoming a Life Group Host? Complete the application below and a Life Group representative will contact you regarding next steps. Please forward any questions to .

Life Groups Host Application

Thank you for your interest in being a Life Group Host.  There are four (4) qualifications we look for in all Life Group Host: 1) Member of Faith Chapel, 2) Person of Character and Integrity, 3) Passionate about God and people, and 4) Committed to spiritual growth. 

There are two steps to the Life Groups Host application process. 


Step 1. Complete the General Application below. The General Application captures what type of Life Group you are interested in starting.  Once you click "Submit" at the bottom, you will be prompted to move to the next stage of the application process. 

Step 2. Spiritual Assessment. Once submitting the below application, a link will be provided for you to complete your Spiritual Assessment. This portion of the application ask you questions about your Christian Experience and Lifestyle. 

Once the General Application and Spiritual Assessment are both completed, you will be contacted by a member of the Life Groups Team who will go over next steps with you. 


Life Groups - General Application

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