Life Groups Host Recruitment Lunch
May 21, 2016 @ 11:30 a.m.
Location:  Grille 29

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(serious inquiries only please)

Our small groups are called Life Groups.  They are groups who want to connect with others who have similar interests, grow spiritually and influence others for Christ.  A Life Group provides a place to develop and cultivate rich relationships with people, to get to know them and be known. It’s also a place to learn more about God and about how to deepen your relationship with Him.  In a small group, you will receive encouragement and support on your life’s journey.


What kinds of groups do you have?

We have Connect Groups which revolve around a hobby, activity, or special interest.  We have Study Groups which are topical.  We also have Support Groups to help assist those who want to overcome bondages and to provide support in life’s challenges.   We also have Life Groups for Teens and Kids that are held on Sunday mornings on campus.

If you would like to submit feedback to us prior to the next survey, please email or .


Qualifications to become a Host

Hosts are our Life Group facilitators and provide their group members with care, fun, fellowship and outreach opportunities by sharing their passion and interests with others.   Here are the qualifications:

1) Must love people

2) Be a person of character/integrity

3) Be committed to personal spiritual growth, and...

4) Be a member of Faith Chapel

Interested in becoming a host?  Register HERE to attend our Host Recruitment Lunch on May 21, 2016.  Email the completed form to

For more information or for resources that would be helpful in your Life Groups journey, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)/Resource section.