Life Group Resources


Leading Life-Changing Small Groups

by Bill Donahue

Lead Small
by Reggie Joiner & Tom Shefchunas

Sermon on the Mount 1: Connect With God
by Bill Hybels

Sermon on the Mount 2: Connect with Others
by Bill Hybels

The Five Love Languages for Singles
by Gary Chapman

Making Great Decisions: For a Life Without Limits
by TD Jakes

Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind
by Joyce Meyer

Be Anxious for Nothing
by Joyce Meyer

Be Anxious for Nothing (Study Guide)
by Joyce Meyer

12 Ways to Achieve Total Success
by Jesse Duplantis (DVD)

Three Habits of Highly Contagious Christians
by Gary Poole

Becoming a Contagious Christian
by Bill Hybels & Mark Mittelberg

Sharing Your Life Mission Everyday
by Brett Eastman (DVD)

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  1. How do I get into a Life Group?
    You can visit and click on the “Find a Life Group” section.  Browse through the groups.  Once you’ve found a group that looks good, just click on the link to email the Host or give them a call.  The Life Group host will tell you more about group and can answer any of the questions you may have. They’ll also give you directions and let you know when they’re meeting next. Then, all you need to do is visit the group.   All children and students who attend Sunday worship service in our Children’s and Student Ministries will automatically be assigned to a Life Group.

  2. When is the best time to join a Life Group?
    You can join a Life Group anytime. Groups are ongoing.  For adult groups, just contact the Host before visiting to make sure the group is meeting the week you’d like to attend. 

  3. What if I want to change adult groups?
    It’s always a good idea to give a group a couple of visits before making up your mind. It may take a few sessions with the group to begin to feel like you’ve found the right place. However, we do understand that a lot of factors - schedules, personalities, study topics - go into finding a group that fits.   So, feel free to change groups if you feel another one will meet your needs better.

  4. How often do Life Groups meet?
    Meeting frequency is dependent upon the group.  All groups meet at least once a month.  However, some groups meet weekly while others meet bi-weekly (i.e. every other week.) Visit and click on “Find a Life Group” for the most up-to-date information on a group’s meeting frequency.  Teen and kids’ groups meet weekly during our Sunday morning worship services.

  5. Where do Life Groups meet?
    Most groups meet in homes, local restaurants, businesses and other locations throughout the area.  Our Life Groups for Teens and Kids meet on the FCCC campus Sunday mornings during the 10:00 a.m. service.   

  6. Who can participate?
    Life Groups are open to everyone in the community.  You do not have to be member of Faith Chapel Christian Center. However, church membership is required to host a group.  Please contact a Life Groups representative if you are interested in becoming a host., 205-785-9673. 

  7. What to do with my children?
    Each group handles children differently.  Although babysitting options are not provided, a few of the groups welcome children.  If you would like to know if a potential group welcomes children, we encourage you to contact the host directly.  If you would like for your child to actually participate in a group, be sure to bring them to the FCCC Children’s Ministry on campus on Sunday mornings.  They will automatically be partnered into a group that is age and/or gender specific.