What is LIT

LIT 18 is the young adult event unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Our world is filled with so many conflicting messages, influences and choices flying in our direction . LIT 18 is where we "pull the mask off" of these topics in a provocative, open and raw way - from the mouths of those who were once ‘bout that life’ and made similar choices before discovering a different way.

Hosted monthly by social influencer, LP (Like Paul), LIT 18 features in-depth interviews, Q&A sessions PLUS a short, positive message from LP to deliver real talk in a cool, relaxing atmosphere.

LIT 18 begins at 7pm, but we strongly encourage you to come an hour early to enjoy the light appetizers among great company, with 95.7 FM JAMZ own DJ Serious spinning that heat!  You’ve never seen anything like LIT 18 before and we’re here to be that real, positive influence that will set our city on fire for God.   

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