All requests should be submitted 30-days prior to the start of promotion (i.e. the date you want to begin spreading the word about your event).  If your event requires registration, then please submit your request 30-days before registration begins. There is an automatic downgrade for requests that fall outside of designated time frame.

Quick tip: If you don’t have all your event details as needed, feel free to peruse the form to know what information your team needs to gather before submitting your request.  (If you don’t have full details we cannot fulfill your request, i.e. a heads up, TBAs are not details.  We can’t make assignments to team members or to outsourcers without the details.  If we are outsourcing your project, we are charged when there’s more than one revision to the content we submit to them.)

Promotional Items

Your campaign will fall within one of the three levels (HIGH, MEDIUM, OR LOW).  Each group shows available promotional items you can choose from.  Your campaign may not require all items, so please select the items that best fit your needs, and a team member will work with you to confirm your selection.  (The Promotional items are the typically suggested methods; however, we can help you determine the best course of action for your Marketing & Media needs.)

NOTE: Promotional levels apply to events and initiatives--NOT adult, students, and children's sermon support elements. Those elements are worked out during sermon creative collaboration meetings.

View how your project stacks up.

Big campaign or church initiative*


100% of children or students and tied to a big campaign and church initiative


80% of adults

3-4 weeks of promotion
100% of children or students (Not tied to a big campaign and church initiative*)


50% of adults

2 Weeks of promotion

20% of adults or smaller segment of students or children**

2 weeks of promotion

*Big campaigns & initiatives include God mandates from Pastor or full organizational support.
**Not for ministry specific housekeeping (i.e. meetings, recurring events, in-house announcements, or trainings)

Web banner
Web pages
(Form if applicable)
Worship Guide Weekly Insert
Worship Guide Calendar Highlight
Mass Email
Print material
(Bulletin insert only if it ties to another service element)

(No bulletin insert and higher level projects take precedence)
(Yard, A-frame, or easel)
In Service Video
Socia media postings
Press release
(if newsworthy)
(i.e. logo, custom designs, social media graphics, etc.)
Which level is your project? *
Today's Date *
Today's Date
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Contact Phone
Contact Phone
Tell us why this needs to be promoted.
Describe what would make this project successful
Who are you trying to reach?
Event Date *
Event Date
Tell us event name, location, date, cost, event schedule or agenda.
Date Promotion Starts
Date Promotion Starts
List all Due Dates for this project:
If registration is required, please include details (i.e. online, 1st or 2nd service, The Bridge, lobby).
Select one or more item from your project's category.
If there is more than one requested print material, please list the quantity and name for each. (i.e. 2500 flyers, 1 banner, etc.)
Event Coverage
(Photographers from Creative Services Ministry will be contacted, if necessary.)