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Ministerial Alliance Resources

As a valued and loved member of the Ministerial Alliance, Dr. Michael D. Moore is proud to provide you and your ministry with an extended array of Pastoral and Administrative Resources. We pray that these resources are a blessing to you and all that you may do to enhance the Body of Christ throughout the World. 

Administrative Resources


The Administrative Resource section provides resources related to all things “ministry administration” from Children’s Ministry to Human Resources there is a wealth of resources available for you consumption.

Benevolence - Learn how to provide aid to congregants and community members in need. 

Children's Ministry - Effectively minister to your youngest followers of Christ. 

Children's Ministry Application: Click here to view and download

Children's Ministry Brochure: Click here to view and download

Children's Ministry Manual: Click here to view and download

Children's Ministry Overview:  Click here to view and download

Children's Ministry Teen Application Click here to view and download

Friendly Patrol Application:  Click here to view and download

Finance - Be a good steward of your ministy's finances.  

Cash Disbursement Policy and ProcedureClick here to view and download

Cash Receipt Policy and ProcedureClick here to view and download

Finance Ministry Policy and Procedure: Click here to view and download

Purchasing Job Description: Click here to view and download

Purchasing Procedure: Click here to view and download


Disaster Recovery Plan - Assist your members and community in recovery after a traumatic event.  


Human Resources - Learn how to serve and manage your ministry's most important resources.

New Employee Orientation Checklist

New Employee Orientation Agenda

New Hire Overview

Template Offer Letter

Interview Questions

Independent Contractor Agreement

Sample Employee Handbook

Executive Assistant Job Description

Employment Denial Letter

Employee Profile

Tax Forms

Form W4

Form A4

Form I9



Job Description Websites - Learn how to write that "perfect" job description.  

Pastor's Pay Link


Premarital Counseling - Effectively guide your ministry's engaged couples


Volunteer Playbook- Check out Faith Chapel's new Vision Partner Playbook. 


Weddings - Organize your next ministry wedding in style. 

Wedding Manual:

Part 1: Click here to view and download. 

Part 2: Click here to view and download.

Part 3: Click here to view and download

Funerals- Gather administrative tips to assist you in organizing your next congregational funeral

Dr. Moore's Sermon Tips 

Receive sermon tips of wisdom from Dr. Michael D. Moore. Click here to download sermon guide.






Pastor's Six Pack 

Dr. Moore wanted to expose you to five of his fondest sermon series. We pray that these messages  will provide you with supernatural spiritual guidance and educations. 

Local Church and the Word of God 

 Click here to purchase. 

The Pastor: Who is He?

Click here to purchase. 

What Time Is It?

Click here to purchase. 

The God of Abundance

Volume 1

Volume 2

The Faith Connection

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5