Have you ever met someone who was stunningly gorgeous or handsome on the outside, but not so much on the inside? The inward beauty and personality didn't measure up to their outward beauty. In the same way, it's possible for an organization to display outward beauty (excellent appearance, facilities or websites) but not have the inward qualities to match. That's not attractive at all!

“Beauty attracts attention, personality attracts the heart.”

We believe that a combination of beauty and personality causes a ministry to stand out.  So, what is culture? At Faith Chapel, we refer to it as the ministry’s personality. Personality is the collective thoughts, feelings and behaviors of an individual or organization.

It is…

o  An organization’s personality.

o  Behaviors, practices, values, attitudes and the way we make decisions.

o  It is the written or unwritten rules of expected behavior that have been developed over time.

o  Culture is how it feels to work around here. (The environment.)

o  Culture is how we do things around here.

Faith Chapel’s unique portrait of a healthy environment (culture) can be summed up in one word… R.I.S.E.

Faith Chapel fosters an environment where individuals:

o  Are encouraged to be RISK takers,

o  Feel INCLUDED, while

o  Engaging in SIMPLE processes that

o  EMPOWERS them on all levels in our organization.