Is your life mentally, emotionally, and physically immoral due to sexual sin?  One of Dr. Mike Moore’s most provocative and timely series to date, Saved, Sanctified, and Sexually Active, explores the truth about how God views sexual immorality. The four main areas explored include: Adultery, Fornication, Homosexuality, and Pornography. Dr. Moore’s intention for this message is to present a balanced and holistic approach to sexual sin, how modern society might justify and accept it, ultimately to spread a biblical doctrine built on Mercy and Truth. Specific Sermon topics include:

Sex: God’s Idea and Invention


Adultery: Three is a Crowd


Homosexuality (3 Parts)
The Fallacies of "Born This Way"
Betrayed By Emotions
The Way You Were


Pornography: The Elephant in the Pews of the Church (2 Parts) 


"I am a single woman who considers myself a model Christian, but I just like to have sex."


"When I love... I love hard. I just happen to be in love with another man."

"My husband is not attracted to me anymore, but Steve at work seems to really like me. Maybe we should hang out."