Faith Chapel is proud to offer free discipleship courses through Spiritual Growth Classes. The material and lessons provided through the courses were designed by Faith Chapel CEO and Senior Pastor Dr. Mike Moore and the Faith Chapel Growth and Development team. It is important that the exclusivity and  integrity of the Spiritual Growth Classes curriculum remain secure. Please read and sign the below “Statement of Agreement” which guarantees the intellectual integrity of the Spiritual Growth Classes materials and lessons you will be using this semester.


Statement of Agreement

I understand that these materials are written solely for the purposes of:

The Spiritual Growth Classes

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“The materials used in the Spiritual Growth Classes are the intellectual property of Faith Chapel. All Spiritual Growth Class lessons/materials are for students who are currently enrolled in the Spiritual Growth Classes. You may print a copy of each lesson or download lessons from Faith Chapel’s website for the purposes of class use.

None of the lessons can be reproduced in any form; taped, recorded, given to another person or group of people, stored on any electronic device, or on any retrieval system, and/or photocopied without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Further, I agree that I shall not copy or distribute these materials in any part as specified above.”

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