Faith Chapel Students/College  is for teens 6th through 12th grades, College and young adults; run by teens and young adults, under adult mentors. We are committed to empower teens to live the "Just Be"  lifestyle where their lives are Worshiping God, practicing the Word of God in their lives, and being a Witness for God to others.

There's Something In The Atmosphere...

We aim to create a dynamic atmosphere that caters to teens, whether through the music we play, worship songs we sing, artistic expression, or through delivering the word of God. This atmosphere lets teens know that being a teen is a GOOD thing and that God loves them.


Faith Chapel Birmingham:
Middle School students (6th-8th Grade) and High School students (9th-12th Grade) worship at The Bridge and receive messages on their level. Every Sunday, Middle School and High School students participate in Faith Chapel Student Groups (see below)!

Faith Chapel Columbus:
Every Sunday morning 6th - 12th Graders will worship alongside adults every Sunday Morning. They will also meet in Student Groups (see below) on a semester basis on Sunday afternoons!

Faith Chapel Student Groups

Faith Chapel Student Groups meet during Sunday service . These groups are designed to help you develop relationships, build self-esteem, and ensure healthy accountability. Faith Chapel Student Groups will also give you a mentor - an understanding leader whom you can trust, will help you bridge a partnership between you and your parents, and represent God's love for you.

Get Involved

Faith Chapel Students is a place where teens can serve in the ministry as greeters, ushers, teachers, through song and music or even outreach. Some areas need technical teens. Some areas need personable teens. Some areas need leading teens. No matter what the interests, we have opportunities for teens to Just Be all that God wants them to be. Teens can even participate in Faith Chapel Groups. These groups help you to grow in your relationship with others. They are a place to be known and cared for during life events.

We Are Here To Help

Our adult workers are caring and have a passion for teaching, training and mentoring you in order to live for God and serve God's people NOW, not later.

Faith Chapel Birmingham:

Join us Sunday Mornings @ 9:30 a.m.

Students – The Bridge

Family Worship – The Word Dome (5th Sunday)

begins at 9:00 a.m. 

Faith Chapel Columbus:

Join us Sunday Mornings @ 11:00 a.m.

Students – Join Adult Service for Worship!

Starting October 20th - November 17th,
Come back for Faith Chapel Student Groups at 3:30PM

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Student Ministry Staff

Alondio Hill
Director of Faith Chapel Students

Leslie Cross
Manager, Faith Chapel Students, College, & Young Adults

Dr. Angela Hill
Director of Faith Chapel Students

Alycia Levels-Moore
Worship Leader & College Campus Coordinator