"When I first came to Faith Chapel, it was because of Pastor Mike. I used to be his son's basketball coach and Pastor Mike would come pick him up in the afternoon. We started talking and he invited me to come to Faith Chapel, so I did.

The thing that keeps me here is the love that I have for the church. I love Faith Chapel and I try to do everything I can to make Faith Chapel a better place to be.

I love the atmosphere, the people, and the teamwork that we have here. I love it!

Faith Chapel has changed my life a lot. When I first came here, I wasn't really all that about Faith Chapel. But then after listening to Pastor Mike teaching and then getting into the Word myself, it just changed the whole atmosphere and everything in my household.

If you're thinking about coming to Faith Chapel, you would be stepping into a place where you can really learn the Word and sit under a good teacher."

- Herman Miller

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