Tamika's Story of Freedom


“I am from Faith Chapel Columbus, and until launch, we are watching Faith Chapel on live stream. On Sunday, I listened to Michael K’s (Executive Pastor) message, and he stated that our Word may not come in the way we expect it to, and that it may come during worship. I don't know why, but that statement stuck with me.

Later that day, the team was here in Columbus for an Interest Meeting. At the end of worship, Netra (Worship Leader) began to sing Good Good Father, and I felt something break in me. My father died 11 years ago, and although I wasn't angry with him, I still felt disappointment toward him. As she sang, I felt the weight lift from me, and felt God speaking to my heart. He told me that if I really believed that he's a good Father, then I must believe that the blood of Jesus covers and fills in the gap for every area where my father lacked. He reminded me of how He has taken care of me and that He has never withheld anything from me that I needed.

Just that moment of the song becoming real to me brought me a deliverance that I'd really needed for most of my life but didn't realize it. Within hours of hearing that word and not knowing what to do with it, God healed my heart and set me free!”

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