Our vision is to grow people up through God's Word to Just Be: Worship, Word, Witness.


We are a family of organizations enriching lives through the local church, community empowerment and global outreach.

As a local church, we are a congregation of believers dedicated to worshiping God, to attaining spiritual maturity through knowledge and application of God's Word and to communicating God's Word to others. Faith Chapel: word-teaching, worshiping, witnessing.

The City of Deliverance Called Sought Out, having its origin in the local church, is a community of people advancing holistic transformation and revitalization of communities through the application of Biblical principles associated with excellence and integrity. City of Deliverance Called Sought Out: revitalizing communities.

Mike Moore Ministries, founded on the simple yet profound truth "The Word of God is the Answer" to all life's questions, is the global outreach ministry of Faith Chapel.  Mike Moore Ministries: transforming lives, ministries and nations.


Worship….Our worship is for GOD. Worship should be the first priority in our life…But Worship is bigger than we think.  A true worshipper lives a “lifestyle” of worship in all that he or she says and does. We believe that true worship is not just what we say but who we are.

Word….The word is for us. GOD gave us the word as his instruction and a practical guide to how we are to live.

Witness….Our witness is for others. Our Vision is to live in such a way that people see Jesus in all that we say and do. Our life is a sermon and should impact everyone we meet.


Core Values

We Value The Word of God

We value the Word of God and believe it is a living guide for everyday life.
Luke 6:46 - 49

We Value Teamwork

We value teamwork and believe we can achieve greater results for the Kingdom of God through partnerships, collaboration and effective communication.
Exodus 17:8 - 14

We Value People

We value people and hold to the belief that every person (without exception) should be treated with the highest degree of love, care, dignity, respect, and honor.
Luke 10:25 - 37

We Value Excellence

We value excellence and believe that it is a mindset that motivates us to be and do our best.
Daniel 6:1 - 4