We are so excited to celebrate our Vision Partners and all that they do for Faith Chapel during the 2016 Vision Partner Appreciation on Saturday, January 16, 2016. Please complete the below questions to register for the 2016 Vision Partner Appreciation. All Vision Partners who worked within a ministry at any point during the year 2015 are invited to attend.  

Name *
Please fill in the names of all the ministries in which you volunteered during the year 2015. i.e. "Childrens" and "Creative Services"
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Please enter a active phone number where you can be reached.
Please select "Yes" or "No"
Please select "Yes" or "No"
Please answer "Yes" or "No". Please note that Vision Partners who are married with spouses serving in ministry will be each others guest and do not receive an additional guest outside of their spouse.