What's Next for COMPASS?


Faith Chapel Compass is about to enter into it's fifth semester of offering a "direction to discipleship" to believers and non-believers alike who are: Seeking God, new to the Christian Faith, or Growing and Finding Identity within their Christian walk. Currently providing a three course offering (Compass 101, 201, and 202) the discipleship classes have educated over 500 people in the Birmingham area. 

Compass’ ultimate goal and destiny is to offer a full path to discipleship which leads and educates individuals through multiple stages of their Christian experience and their Walk with Jesus Christ. Coming soon, Compass 300 which will offer advanced Leadership and Ministerial courses to help develop the next generation of Christian Leaders. Check out what's next for Compass. 


Compass 300 – Leading Believer

Compass 300 will equip individuals with essential insights, knowledge, and practical skills to become effective leaders in ministry, business, personally and professionally, and beyond.