The Benevolence Ministry seeks to support and encourage those in need by connecting them with resources both inside and outside of our church community. Our staff will work with individuals to provide them with information, not just to meet their immediate needs, but help them plan for the future. If you are a Faith Chapel member and would like to apply for benevolence assistance, please read the criteria below:

1.      Must be a Faith Chapel Member (Not A Member – please scroll to bottom of page to view current list of resources).

2.      You must tithe.

3.      You must be able to prove a loss of income due to a sudden life event.

4.      You agree to complete the “Benevolence Application” this includes the guidelines and intake form.

5.      You agree to discuss your need for benevolence assistance with a Benevolence Team Member.

6.      You agree to sign all forms before submission.

7.      You understand that submitting a Benevolence Request, does not guarantee approval for assistance.

8.      You understand that you may be asked to attend financial literacy classes, as another tool, to assist during this time.


If you qualify and desire consideration for benevolence assistance, please gather the documents listed below and prepare to fill out the online application.

1.     Please provide an itemized list of your monthly expenses

2.     Photocopies of current (less than 15 days old) bills that you want considered.

3.     If you are requesting rent assistance: a photocopy of your lease agreement (first and last pages) and a copy of the statement reflecting the current balance including late fees.

Fill out the Benevolence Application here.

Download, print and complete the Benevolence Application. You can submit the completed form in one oftwo ways:

Submit completed forms confidentially by faxing directly to 205-380-8635. To be sure your fax is appropriately received, please include a cover sheet labeled “Attention: Benevolence.”

  1. Forms can also be scanned and emailed to

You may also drop off your forms at the main office desk at Faith Chapel during business hours 8:30am-5pm. To be sure your forms are confidentially and appropriately directed, please place them in a sealed envelope labeled “Attention: Benevolence.”


    These items must be complete for consideration of benevolence assistance:

    1. By submitting the online form, you accept and understand the policies stated above.

    2. Fill out the Benevolence Application.

    3. Submit both the form and the application by following the instructions above.

    This is not a contract for assistance. I understand the terms stated above under which I may seek assistance from Faith Chapel.

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    Who should I contact if I do not meet the requirements for Faith Chapel Benevolence Assistance?

    There are community agencies throughout Alabama that may be able to assist you. Here are a few recommended agencies to get you started:

    Assistance with Rent, Mortgage or Utilities
    Salvation Army –
    United Way – 877.211.5253 or simply dial 211

    Assistance with Food or Clothing
    Food Pantry Locator –

    Family Endeavors
    (205) 396-3630  Note:  Must be a veteran to apply