Click here to download the Brand Quick Reference Guide 


The Faith Chapel brand represents our core values and reflects the character of our organization. These elements fuel our behavior and action. As an ambassador for our brand, the resources listed below will equip you to share the Faith Chapel brand with excellence, clarity and focus. 


Brand Book

Our Official Brand Book (PDF) will assist you in keeping our brand focused. It provides an overview of the style guidelines and how to properly apply all the components of our brand.

Brand Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation was presented during our Brand Education Session and gives a thorough introduction to our brand as well as practical perspectives on rationale, usage, etc.

Brand Education Session MP3

Download and listen to the live audio recording of our staff brand education session for a comprehensive view of our brand and how it's implemented on campus, in the community and online. 

Brand Education Q&A Session MP3

Listen to the live audio recording of our brand education Q&A session for common inquiries as well as additional insights on brand strategy, implementation and execution.

Since "clipart" and "low resolution" photos do NOT support our brand, we assume you will need a new high quality, stock photography options. See a listing of sites below that you can use to find photos. (Please note these are third party sites.  These sites are not associated with Faith Chapel and we do not guarantee the content.)