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You are unique and God has designed you with gifts, talents and abilities that no one else has. He wants you to know your spiritual gifts so that you can live a fulfilled life. Discovery of your gifts will enable you to grow in your relationship with God, connect with others, and to get involved with His work through service.


What is S.H.A.P.E.?

S - Spiritual Gifts - A special capacity for service given by God to every believer for the benefit of His Church, the Body of Christ

H - Heart - A God-given desire that invigorates and motivates you to meaningful ministry involvement for God’s kingdom.

A - Abilities - Talents and skills given by God to every human being for His glory (whether people love Him or not) that demonstrate His common grace to everyone.

P - Personal Style - Your natural and energized approach to life and relationships.

E - Experiences - Events and situations in your life that God has used to mold you into who you are.

Read the traits for each spiritual gift and check every phrase that you think fits you. Count the checked boxes in each category and record the total in the accompanying blank. Please review your selection and number your top three choices.
Administration *
_ of 5
Craftsmenship *
_ of 5
Evangelism *
_of 5
Exhortation/Wisdom *
_of 5
Giving *
_of 5
Hospitality *
_of 5
Intercession *
_of 5
Knowledge *
_of 5
Leadership *
_of 5
Mercy *
_of 5
Music *
_of 5
Serving *
_of 5
Shepherding *
_of 5
Teaching *
_of 5
Writing *
_of 5
How would you describe where you are in your Spiritual Journey with Christ right now? *
Check the appropriate box.
God had a purpose in giving you your inborn interests. In fact, your emotional heartbeat reveals a very important key to understanding God’s design and intention for your life. These heartbeats are described as passions in three different areas----- Roles, People and Causes. Allow the following question to serve as a guide to help you discover your passions: You receive a phone call. The person says, “I have some good news and some bad news.” The bad news is that you have just been fired from your job. The good news is that I want to give you a new job and it will be literally the job of your dreams. Describe this job and it is yours.” What would you say? What do you think some of your friends would say about you?
Heart Passion for a Role *
WHAT DO YOU LIKE DOING? Check the roles you find fulfilling. If none apply to you or you think of another one, type it in the space marked Other.
Heart Passion for Specific People *
WHO DO YOU LIKE TO HELP? Check the following people on who you feel can have the greatest impact. Please select all that apply. If none apply to you or you think of another one, type it in the space marked Other.
Heart Passion for a Cause *
WHAT DO I GET EXCITED ABOUT? Check the cause(s) that get your adrenalin flowing. Please select all that apply. If none apply to you or you think of another one, type it down on the space marked Other.
Check the abilities that apply to you. *
If none apply to you or you think of another one, type it down on the space marked Other.
It is obvious that God does not use a cookie cutter to create people. He makes us all unique and that includes our own personal style. God loves variety and He made introverts and extroverts --- He made people who love routine and those who love variety --- He made some “thinkers” and some “feelers” and some “doers”. How did He make you? Check the appropriate descriptions for each category. Once completed, please go back and calculate the totals for each one and type the number by total.
Gravitate to positions of leadership • Be decisive and quick to make decisions • Avoid chit-chat and want to “get to the point” • Have the time orientation of “let’s do it now!” • Love to overcome obstacles and take on challenges • May not see the impact of your words or criticisms on others • Says, “Okay team, this is what we need to do!”
Make life fun! • Love to talk to others • Easily get excited and encouraged • Enjoy groups and high activity level • Avoid details, close accountability and deadlines • Have the future oriented time frame of “it’ll all work out!” • Says, “Go team! We can do it!”
Want to go deep in your relationships • Express tremendous loyalty to those you love • Listen attentively (and at length) to another’s problems • Be more sensitive to needs of others • Prefer stability . . . even if it means peace at all costs. • Says, “Remember that we’re a team!”
Want to do things right and by the book • Strive for accuracy and quality, not quickness • See a person’s past as a key to trusting them in the future • Want clearly defined tasks, limited risk, and an open door environment for asking questions of clarification • Be very creative in designing helpful systems, if encouraged and allowed to work at your own pace • Be so good at taking things apart, you can also take people apart and become a strong critic when wronged • Says, “To be effective this team needs to follow the playbook!”
Where have you enjoyed serving in the past? *
Check all that apply. If none apply to you or you think of another one, type it down on the spaced marked Other.
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