Faith Chapel Groups for 7th - 12th Grades

Our small groups - Faith Chapel Groups - meet twice per month to help grow you up through God’s Word to Just Be. These groups are designed to help you develop relationships, build self-esteem, and ensure healthy accountability.  Faith Chapel Groups will also give you a mentor - a understanding leader whom you can trust, will help you bridge a partnership between you and your parents, and represent God's love for you.

Caring Leaders • Connect With Others • Get Involved

When you’re in a Faith Chapel Student Group, you build strong, close friendships with the other students in your group. In your group, you can BE YOURSELF. You encourage and challenge each other. We expect each Faith Chapel Groups member to commit to the following:

• Come to group prepared – bring your Bible, a pen, a notebook and a good attitude.

• Respect your group leader/host. They are giving you their time because they WANT to minister to you.

• Please turn off or silence your phone in group to minimize getting distracted.

• Respect and be kind to others in your group – no put downs

• Don’t be afraid to participate and ask questions – it’s Okay!

Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the Faith Chapel Student Groups, please contact us at