Man is a spirit, has a soul, and lives in a physical body (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

Just as your body can grow and develop with proper diet and exercise, so can your spirit. Here you will find insights on how to connect with God and grow and develop your spirit.

    • How To Be Saved (A Guide to Salvation)

      How To Be Saved (A Guide to Salvation)

      God planned a life of peace and satisfaction for us through Jesus Christ. But we first must be in His family to fulfill the plan He has for us and for us to go to Heaven. It’s about you making a conscious decision to go in a different direction and to let Jesus Christ be your Lord. Here are the steps:

    • Who Is The Holy Spirit?

      Who Is The Holy Spirit?

      Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit of the Bible can be explained as God, the third Person of the Godhead, and as a Person. The Holy Spirit works in our lives as a comforter, strengthener, teacher, and so much more!

    • How To Prayer A Prayer Of Faith

      How To Prayer A Prayer Of Faith

      Prayer is a personal conversation directed to God in casual, informal speech that acknowledges our total dependence on Him for resources and guidance for ourselves and others.  It is a channel through which God’s will (which is His Word) is brought to earth. The #1 rule in praying for results is to base your prayer on promise in God’s Word. Learn how to pray effective prayers.

    • How To Be Spiritually Healthy

      How To Be Spiritually Healthy

      If you don’t feed your physical body food, it will become weak.  The same happens with your spirit. If you don’t feed it, you will become spiritually weak.  Prevent this by feeding your spirit with God’s Word.

    • How To Recognize Strife

      How To Recognize Strife

      Does it seem that your prayers are going unanswered?  The Bible says if you have strife in your life, it can hinder your prayers and keep them from going through to God.  And we don’t want that!