Dr. Michael D. Moore

Dr. Michael D. Moore is the Senior Pastor of Faith Chapel, a thriving congregation of thousands, in Birmingham, Alabama.  Over the years, Dr. Moore has gained immense popularity due in part to his ability to communicate the message of the Bible on a practical, applicable level while inspiring and empowering people to live successfully and victoriously on a spiritual, physical, mental, social, and financial level. 

Kennetha Moore

Kennetha Moore, known by her church family as “Mz. Pete”, is the Executive Director of Special Programs and wife of Dr. Michael D. Moore. She helps her husband lead and shepherd a thriving congregation of thousands. Kennetha has also successfully completed the John Maxwell Leadership School.

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Michael K. Moore

Michael K. Moore is Executive Pastor of Faith Chapel and son of Pastors Michael D. and Kennetha Moore. He accepted the calling to ministry in 2005 and began working for Faith Chapel in April 2006. In 2008, Michael K. began graduate school, which allowed him to travel to Japan and London as a part of his studies. In 2011, he graduated with an MBA and in the fall of 2012, was married to Michelle Scott.  He and Michelle have two beautiful daughters, Meeghan and Margeaux.