• How To Receive Your Healing

      How To Receive Your Healing

      God never intended for you to be sick. He wants you well. God wants you healed and His desire is that you receive His healing and keep it. Here are five (5) steps on HOW TO receive your healing.

    • 3 Truths About Your Healing

      3 Truths About Your Healing

      As a believer, it is imperative that we focus on the truths about our healing, when you’re in the midst of sickness. How you feel, medical reports and the opinions of others may attempt to plant contrary thoughts in your mind.

    • 3 Truths About Sickness

      3 Truths About Sickness

      It is also imperative to know satan is aware that God’s resistance is relative to your resistance. God wants you to live a healthy life; but as a free moral agent, you must want the same for your life. As you fight sickness in the natural and spiritual realms, it is paramount to embrace these three (3) truths about sickness.